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By Dental Health Services
May 01, 2015
Category: Dental Procedures
Tags: Dentures  

Find out how this simple dental treatment could give you a complete smile again.

No one wants to deal with tooth loss, but, unfortunately, happens to more people than we may realize. If you are dealing with severeDentures tooth loss you may not know what options are available to you. You may think that you’ll just have to deal with an incomplete smile for life; however, this isn’t true. Dentures are a great way to give you back the smile you lost. Find out more about getting dentures in Wyomissing and how it can improve your overall oral health.

What Are dentures?

Dentures are a set of artificial teeth that are attached to a pink, gum-like base and are used to replace some or all of your missing teeth. Depending on the severity of your tooth loss, your Wyomissing dentist will either recommend partial or full dentures.

How Can Dentures Give Me a Better Smile?

Dentures offer a variety of wonderful benefits to those dealing with tooth loss:

  • A full, complete smile that looks natural
  • Enjoy all your favorite foods again as eating is significantly easier
  • Feel more confident talking to friends and colleagues
  • Restore your self-esteem and build confidence in your appearance once again
  • The least expensive way to replace missing teeth

What Should I Expect When I Get Dentures From My Wyomissing Dentist?

Once we have conducted a thorough physical exam we will take impressions of your smile. These impressions will then be sent to a lab to fabricate your very own dentures. Furthermore, you will also get a chance to decide how your denture should look. Along with your Wyomissing dentist, you will decide on a shape, size and color that looks natural and fits your mouth.

Once your dentures have been created (this process usually takes about a week), you will have an initial fitting, in which we will make any adjustments necessary to ensure the best fit for your smile. However, you may need to come back for more appointments to adjust your dentures and eliminate soreness.

If you are missing several or all of your teeth, find out more about how dentures could finally give you the smile you want. Schedule a consultation with your Wyomissing dentist at Dental Health Services today and give yourself the gift of a beautiful smile.

No one wants to deal with tooth loss, but 
it unfortunately happens to more people than we may realize.

By Dental Health Services
February 10, 2015
Category: Dental Procedures
Tags: Veneers  

Having a picture-perfect smile means a lot of things for your teeth. For one, they must be pearly white. For another, they can't be bent or chipped or cracked - or have unsightly gaps between them, for that matter. Do you have teeth that could accomplish the look of a beautiful smile if not for the glaring misalignment in your mouth?Veneers

At Dental Health Services, you'll find that the makings of a wonderful smile start right here in Wyomissing, PA, with the helpful dental experts on site who make it their daily delight to improve your smile along with your confidence. One of the leading ways they do this is through the use of porcelain veneers, which are extremely thin dental coverings made from a porcelain material that are placed on top of a tooth's surface.

They look just like your natural tooth enamel, too - despite being significantly tougher against stains from foods, beverages, and even smoking. Plus, veneers can shore up any unsightly gaps currently resting between your teeth (which, as you know, can hinder the overall quality of the grin you're in), even making corrections in alignment so that your new pearly whites can be in total unison with one another - for your smile's sake!

Caring for your veneers is made easier than ever due to recent improvements in dental technology, too, as simply maintaining consistent oral hygiene habits and coming into your dentist for routine check-ups helps your mouth keep that winning smile for the foreseeable future.

If closing up the gaps between your chompers is something your mouth needs for a gorgeous grin, give one of the trusted dental experts at Dental Health Services a call today at (610) 373-3720 and see for yourself why two rows of perfectly-aligned teeth can change from a dream to a reality!

By Dental Health Services
December 01, 2014
Category: Dental Procedures
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These A-list stars are enjoying all the benefits that cosmetic dentistry has to offer.

For some of us, we can’t get enough of the celebrity lifestyle. From watching Red Carpet affairs to enjoying a hearty helping of celebrity-gossip shows, we all enjoy a little peek into the life of the rich and famous; however, you may not have known that while some of your favorite celebrities were just lucky to be born that way, there are actually quite a few celebrities that have benefitted from the wonders of cosmetic dentistry. Here are some famous examples:

1. Tom Cruise

We know him for his work in Mission Impossible and Top Gun; however, this heartthrob didn’t always have that beautiful set of perfect choppers. Around the time that he began to reach full stardom, he opted for a full set of veneers to cover over some serious crookedness and gaps. His dental veneers allow him to show off his perfect smile with pride.

2. George Clooney

Who doesn’t love George Clooney? However, did you know that all those Oscar nods and movie shoots can put a little too much stress on Mr. Clooney? In fact, it was reported that he got to the dentist regularly because he’s an infamous teeth grinder when stressed. To combat the wear and tear his teeth were taking, he also opted for dental veneers to protect his smile.

3. Oprah Winfrey

She has her own magazine, her own studio company and her own show. This woman has it all including a bright set of pearly whites. She’s joins countless celebrities including Angelina Jolie, Jessica Simpson, Britney Spears and Brad Pitt, who all have whiter smiles thanks to teeth whitening. Professional teeth whitening systems can get teeth visibly brighter in under an hour.

These are only a couple of the top celebrities sporting smiles that have been greatly improved by the work of cosmetic dentistry. If you want to get a smile to rival your favorite film or TV star, then check out our cosmetic dentistry at our dental practice in Wyomissing. Call our office today or request an appointment online.

By Dental Health Services
June 17, 2014
Category: Dental Procedures
Modern dentistry has given patients more opportunities to improve the appearance of their smiles. To improve the color of teeth, teeth whitening is an option, and it’s one that many people take advantage of. To put a modern touch to your smile for that summer vacation or weekend getaway with friends, try out a teeth-whitening session.

Professional Teeth Whitening: What’s the Big Deal?

The procedure isn’t a big deal. It’s actually a short and simple procedure that offers long-term benefits, such as whiter teeth that lasts for weeks. 
It’s true that over-the-counter whiteners and toothpastes can lighten your tooth shade over time, but it won’t rid your teeth of all external stains. Professionals provide stronger whitening agents, not stores.

What Can One In-Office Teeth Whitening Procedure Do?

You can see results after one 30-60 minute treatment. Unless you have severely stained teeth, one application of whitener can lighten the teeth by 3 shades or more. 
Maintaining your new shade is up to you. Future appointments could be made, or you can continue to use over-the-counter whitening toothpaste to help buff out new stains. 
Are you ready to brighten your day and smile? Let us know early in the week if you want to schedule a whitening session at our Wyomissing dentist office. Our main line is (610) 373-3720. 
By Dental Health Services
October 30, 2013
Category: Dental Procedures
Tags: retainers   orthodontics  

As soon as the braces come off, many people feel that the hard work in getting a new smile is all done. But wait! There's one critical piece of the process that remains: the orthodontic retainer. What makes this little device so important?

To understand that, let's look at how your teeth are attached, and how they may move. A tooth isn't anchored into the jaw like a screw in wood — it's joined to its bony housing by a unique, hammock-like suspension system called the periodontal (“peri” – around; “odont” – tooth) ligament. The periodontal tissues are living, constantly changing and renewing themselves.

Orthodontic appliances like braces are designed to apply just enough pressure to move the teeth slowly and steadily into new positions. As the teeth are moved, the periodontal tissue gradually re-forms around them, helping to hold them in their new locations.

But tooth, bone and gum tissues also have a “memory” which, if left alone, tends to move the teeth rapidly back to their original places. This unwanted movement gradually lessens, but it can be an issue for a long time after treatment. That's where the retainer comes in.

This little device holds the teeth steady in their new positions until the bones and ligaments have had enough time to re-form — a development that can take several months. It brings the entire process of moving the teeth to a gradual close, helps to prevent trauma and to maintain proper tooth location.

Once, all retainers were made of plastic and wire, and all were removable. These are still popular, and are usually worn 24 hours a day at first, then less often, until (after a period of time) they're only worn at night. Alternatively, in many cases a thin wire can be bonded to the inside surfaces of the front teeth. This type of retainer doesn't show, and it doesn't have to be removed.

How long will you have to wear it? It's hard to say. Teeth are kept in position not only by bone and ligament, but also by a balance of forces between the tongue, lips and cheeks. They aren't permanently fixed in place, but can move over time in a way that's unique to every person. Depending on the type of tooth movement done, we can recommend what type of retainer is right for you, and how often to wear it. Having the right retainer will help ensure you get the best result: a great new smile.

If you would like more information about orthodontic retainers, please contact us or schedule an appointment for a consultation. You can also learn more about this topic by reading the Dear Doctor magazine articles “Why Orthodontic Retainers?” and “The Importance of Orthodontic Retainers.”