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By Dental Health Services
February 10, 2015
Category: Dental Procedures
Tags: Veneers  

Having a picture-perfect smile means a lot of things for your teeth. For one, they must be pearly white. For another, they can't be bent or chipped or cracked - or have unsightly gaps between them, for that matter. Do you have teeth that could accomplish the look of a beautiful smile if not for the glaring misalignment in your mouth?Veneers

At Dental Health Services, you'll find that the makings of a wonderful smile start right here in Wyomissing, PA, with the helpful dental experts on site who make it their daily delight to improve your smile along with your confidence. One of the leading ways they do this is through the use of porcelain veneers, which are extremely thin dental coverings made from a porcelain material that are placed on top of a tooth's surface.

They look just like your natural tooth enamel, too - despite being significantly tougher against stains from foods, beverages, and even smoking. Plus, veneers can shore up any unsightly gaps currently resting between your teeth (which, as you know, can hinder the overall quality of the grin you're in), even making corrections in alignment so that your new pearly whites can be in total unison with one another - for your smile's sake!

Caring for your veneers is made easier than ever due to recent improvements in dental technology, too, as simply maintaining consistent oral hygiene habits and coming into your dentist for routine check-ups helps your mouth keep that winning smile for the foreseeable future.

If closing up the gaps between your chompers is something your mouth needs for a gorgeous grin, give one of the trusted dental experts at Dental Health Services a call today at (610) 373-3720 and see for yourself why two rows of perfectly-aligned teeth can change from a dream to a reality!